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Virtual Reality & 360 Sound – Gotham Sound TV Live Stream

Production sound mixers Laura Cunningham and Chapter Four's own José Frías joined Gotham Sound TV in their studio to talk about location sound recording for virtual reality and 360 degree videos, as well as demo the TSL Products SoundField SPS200 Ambisonic Software...
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Betso SHARKIE LPDA Active Antenna Review

Introduction Betso has made itself known for creating excellent, highly accurate timecode products for location use (you can see my review of the Betso SBOX-1N here), but it is my opinion that their latest product entry, the Betso SHARKIE LPDA active antenna, will...
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Smart Battery Shopping Guide

I have been asked frequently about my smart battery system which includes the Audioroot power distribution units and the Inspired Energy batteries. What people seem to like the most or are the most impressed by is the very cool battery telemetry that my power distro...
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