Arrivederci Winter, Ciao Bella Venice!

Imagine being in Italy with your very own private tour guide: an Italian History professor who knows the ins and outs of this great city and is all too happy to share them with you. Imagine visiting famous landmarks as he tells you how they came to be, taking a gondola ride past Marco Polo’s house, or watching the glassblowers demonstrate how Murano glass got it’s reputation. Imagine doing all of this without ever leaving your couch.

Chapter Four teamed up with Total Cinema 360 and Smithsonian to bring viewers a completely new way to explore the world: Virtual Tourism. With over 30 minutes of stereoscopic 360 video and fully immersive spatial audio, this tour is set up in a choose-your-own-adventure style, allowing travelers to customize their experience. Each mini-tour is led by Professor Kenneth R. Bartlett, who has been teaching Italian History for nearly 40 years.

We loved working on this project, and know you will enjoy experiencing Venice and learning a bit more of it’s rich culture. To get this free download, go to and let us know how your trip goes. Godetevi il viaggio!