Love using Zaxcom ERX receivers for both reference audio and timecode to camera? Me too! Annoyed that there’s no ideal solution for easily mounting them on camera? Well, here’s an easy DIY ERX camera mounting solution that is both inexpensive and efficient.

What You Will Need

Here are the ingredients that you will need to get started:

  • DIY ERX Camera Mounting

    DIY ERX Camera Mounting

    Zaxcom ERX2TCD. If you know you will be using the unit exclusively for camera, we recommend getting the excellent Audio Department BNC mod, which helps avoid having to get or make custom breakout cables and provides a locking connector for your timecode connection.

  • Orca OR-31 ERX Case. This nifty clip-on case made by Orca gives you a great solution for protecting your ERX while used as an IFB. We will be modding it to mount it to camera.
  • Sennheiser CA2 Shoemount Adapter. A low profile hot shoe adapter to match cold shoe mounts on cameras.
  • Velcro. This will help keep it all together.

Modding the Case

OR-31 Without Belt Clip

OR-31 Without Belt Clip

To start, we’ll need to remove the belt clip on the back of the Orca OR-31 ERX case. Start by cutting off the stitching. Any sharp knife should be able to easily get around it. Then, the button will be the only thing keeping the clip on. You will need to use some force to pull the clip entirely from the case.

Once the clip is off, cut up a piece of male Velcro to put on the back of the OR-31 ERX case. Cut off a piece of female Velcro and put it on the Sennheiser CA2 shoemount adapter. And that’s it! Now you have a nice case to use and mount the Zaxcom ERX on cameras.


Using the DIY ERX Camera Mounting Solution

ERX for Camera Mounting

ERX for Camera Mounting

Get a couple of BNC cables and 3.5mm TRS to XLR3M cables and you’re ready to mount ERXs on cameras: