The Problem: Where to Hang My Headphones?

Ever get annoyed at trying to figure out what to do with your cans during downtime or while not listening? Sure, you can always wear them around your neck, but if working under the scorch-inducing summer heat, there’s a sweat fest guaranteed to happen. Yuck.

What if you are wearing a bag? Can’t you just store it in the front pouch? Well, yeah, but not all bags offer the space necessary to store a pair of cans in their pouch, and if they do, that may not offer immediate accessibility.

The Solution: The Headphone Hook!

The folks at Think Thank Photo created an accessory that may just fit the bill. The Think Tank Headphone Hook is a nifty hook for your cans that you can wear on your belt or possibly even in a harness.

The really clever thing about this hook or hanger is that you have to slide in your headphones sideways to be able to hook them in, and once in, they can rest in their natural position. The cans will not be able to go anywhere until you slide them right back out sideways.

The Mod

Headphone Hook

Headphone Hook

With a little ingenuity, you can figure other uses. By removing the actual aluminum piece from the nylon adapter, you end up with a naked hook that can be potentially mounted anywhere.

On my Orca Bag, I slid it through the loops on the top of the right side wall (as my headphone output is on the right side of my recorder), down as far as it could go. Due to the protruding ends, I did have to put some initial extra force to get it down far enough, but once down, it stayed there pretty securely. The result is below:


Bag Headphone Hook

Bag Headphone Hook

Please feel free to leave any questions, reviews or opinions in the comments!

Update: Unfortunately, ThinkTank has discontinued the Headphone Hook, so this mod may no longer be feasible!